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Our Enneagram coaching services are designed to serve individuals, teams, and organizations seeking to harness the power of interpersonal understanding. Whether you’re an individual looking to navigate life’s challenges more effectively, a team aiming to improve collaboration and communication, or an organization striving to cultivate a harmonious and productive work culture, our services offer the transformative tools you need to thrive in today’s complex world.

Business Owners

We provide strategies for growth and innovation.


Lead effectively and achieve goals.

HR Professionals

Solutions for thriving teams and motivated employees.


Solutions for a harmonious community.


Use us to fuel innovation and team synergy from the ground up.

Executive Leaders

Enhance leadership and decision-making effectiveness.


Energize your team dynamics for peak performance.


Maximize impact through strategic leadership and collaboration.

Empower Your Organization’s Future

Unlock the full potential of your team with The Enneagram Foundation’s tailored coaching. Our expert coaches leverage the Enneagram to foster deep understanding and drive impactful growth across various organizational levels. From startups seeking to cultivate a dynamic and innovative culture to executive leaders aiming to refine their strategic insights — our programs are designed to transform challenges into opportunities. We ensure your team meets and exceeds its goals through improved collaboration and heightened self-awareness.

Overview Of The


Type 9

Peacemaker, accepting, aloof, adaptive, conflict avoidant, mediator.

Type 4

Individualist, creative, moody, authentic, expressive, sensitive 

Type 3

Achiever, motivator, status-conscious, vein, successful

Type 2

Helper, emotional, restorative, self-sacrificing, indulgent

Type 1

Perfectionist, advocate, idealist, organized, planner, honest

Type 5

Investigator, complex thinker, detached, inventive, curious, emotionally composed 

Type 6

Loyalist, reliable, indecisive, responsible, skeptical, prepared

Type 7

Enthusiast, extroverted, playful, spontaneous

Type 8

Challenger, assertive, self-reliant, protective, dominate

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