Type Two

Giving, Loving, Prideful, Empathetic, Dependent, Selfless

The Helper

They expect others to reciprocate the help they offer.

Over time, they may become hostile or emotional if their expectations are not met.

They feel guilty for meeting their own needs before other’s needs.

Very likable and will do whatever it takes to be accepted or cared for by the group.

Enneagram Twos are often referred to as “The Helpers,” and they are known for their compassionate and nurturing personalities. They have a remarkable ability to anticipate the needs of others and provide support and care effortlessly. Their empathy and generosity make them invaluable members of any team or community.

However, despite their many admirable qualities, Twos also faces certain challenges. They tend to prioritize the needs of others over their own, which can lead to feelings of guilt and potential burnout. Therefore, it is important for Twos to learn the importance of self-care and setting boundaries to maintain their well-being.

As a boss to Twos, it is essential to show appreciation for all they do. Bring them a coffee or leave a note on their desk to show support. Every team member in the office should have a list of things they love, and for Twos, this information is crucial in showing gratitude for their hard work. Taking advantage of Twos as a boss is easy, and it is best to set reminders to keep yourself accountable for showing appreciation for the team. If a Two does not feel appreciated, they may work with resentment and hostility or find another job. Therefore, it is good to do check-ins to see how they are feeling.

Acknowledging the strengths and challenges of Enneagram Twos and providing them with the support and recognition they deserve can create a harmonious and productive workplace where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

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