Type Three

Competent, Self-Assured, Giving, Adaptable, Vein

The Achiever

They may feel disconnected or appear insensitive towards their own and other people’s emotions.

If they put their mind to it, they will make it happen! Whatever the cost!

May express their achievements or possessions to gain approval and reinforce their self-worth within the group.

Threes are individuals who derive their worth and value from their accomplishments. They are highly motivated and goal-oriented and have a great knack for motivating others to perform at their best. Threes possess an excellent ability to identify and nurture the potential in others to help them achieve their objectives. However, their tendency to dismiss those who do not put forth the required effort can be a drawback.

In order to be the best version of themselves, Threes need to be mindful of a few things. Firstly, they must allocate time for their family and hobbies to avoid becoming a workaholic. Secondly, they must not avoid difficult emotions, as this can hinder their ability to achieve their goals. They need to be emotionally present for themselves and for those who care about them. Lastly, they should not flaunt their possessions to gain approval from others. They should realize that people appreciate them for who they are, not for their material possessions.

As a boss to threes can seem like the perfect team member, as they are focused on goals and strive to achieve not only their own objectives but also those of others. They excel in sales and PR, as they know how to make things look good and appealing to customers. However, their tendency to overwork themselves can be problematic. Encouraging them to take breaks and prioritize family life can benefit both the individual and the company.

Threes may lose focus and become desensitized when they hit a wall or face repeated failures. During such times, they need support and encouragement, which can help to build trust and loyalty between the individual and the company.

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