Type Six

Reliable, Indecisive, Prepared, Anxious, Engaging

The Loyalist

Has an “inner committee” they will consult before making a decision. This will cause anxiety and indecisiveness. Desires everyone’s thoughts before making a decision. Can act as a devil’s advocate.

They put their family, values, and community (friendships) above themselves. They will fight more fiercely for others than they would themselves.

High desire to build community, inclusive and hard working.

The Enneagram personality type Six is known for their loyalty, preparedness, and inclusivity. They make great friends and are always looking out for others. They thrive in group settings and are natural cheerleaders. Sixes are also known for their wit and sense of humor. However, their core motivation is based on fear, and they need to feel safe to function optimally. 

There are two subtypes of Sixes: the Phobic Six, who tend to run or hide from their fears, and the Counter-phobic Six, who face their fears head-on. Despite their different approaches, both subtypes share a common trait of being motivated by fear.

If you are a Six, it is essential to learn to appreciate your anxiety and use it to your advantage. Your fear can act as a guide, but you must learn to trust yourself and your decisions. Trust does not come naturally to you, so it is crucial to work on building self-trust. Engage in activities like nature walks or hobbies like crafting to quiet your mind when you feel overwhelmed.

As a boss to a Six, it is crucial to understand their need for security and set clear boundaries to alleviate their anxiety. Sixes excel in team-building and management roles, as they are hardworking and motivated to keep their job secure. Encourage their forward-thinking and allow them to scan the horizon for potential risks in any new project. Whenever negative thoughts creep in, encourage them to focus on the positive aspects of the situation.

Sixes are valuable team members who thrive in supportive and secure environments. With proper guidance and encouragement, they can use their anxiety to their advantage and become confident decision-makers.

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