Type Seven

Playful, Busy, Adventurer, Impulsive, Escapist

The Enthusiast

Seeker of fairness and desires being good.

Very quick at picking up new talents. Fast and excited learner. If bored, will move on to something else.

Can enjoy things in excess – always seeking bigger and better – this can cause addictions ie. shopping, adventure, relationships, drug and alcohol abuse.

They do not see failure – they see it as an opportunity to try again and make it even better!

Sevens have a unique gift of perceiving the world more vibrantly than others and radiating an unapologetic, optimistic energy. Their insatiable desire to experience all that life has to offer is truly inspiring. However, at times, they may tend to run from their internal struggles and quiet them with external devices, fearing emotional pain and missing out on life’s opportunities.

If you are a Seven, finding stillness in hiking can allow you to embark on a glorious adventure with your thoughts and help you regulate your need for more, keeping you from addictive behavior. Trusting the people who stick with you, even if you’ve left them a time or two, can help you grow stronger and wiser.

As a boss to a Seven, knowing that they need freedom and excitement can help you create a work environment that brings out their best. They love planning trips, retreats, or outings and are sure to create the most fun. Sevens can also excel in sales and networking, as they love people. Providing opportunities to learn something new and be innovative can help them stay engaged in the job and achieve even greater success.