Type One

Sensible, Judgmental, Orderly, Serious, Advocate

The Reformer

Seeker of fairness and desires being good.

Some individuals may come across as critical or unenthusiastic when presented with something new.

Hesitates when a plan changes or something is spontaneous.

Will always do the right and moral thing even when it’s hard for others.

The Enneagram One personality type, also known as “The Reformer,” is a perfectionist who strives to be ethical, responsible, and upholding of high standards. Enneagram Ones love to plan and stay organized! They are excellent at spotting flaws, which makes them a valuable asset to improve your projects and company. Ensure that they are not just pointing out the negatives, but always follow up with a solution. If their workspace is not in order, you may see their productivity decrease.

As a boss, you need to be cautious while correcting them since they are aware of their mistakes and don’t want to draw attention to them. However, encouraging them will make you a safe place for them, and once you’ve gained their respect, you can speak into their lives and correct them without causing them to have a major internal crisis.

Enneagram Ones’ knee-jerk reaction is usually “no” when facing change. They have a hard time with change, but giving them a heads-up before a meeting can help them go from “this won’t work” to “how can this work” to “this can work.” Thus, it is essential to discuss thoughts with Enneagram Ones before a team meeting, which can help you have them on your side, ready to move forward with the change, rather than going head-to-head with them in front of the whole team.

As an Enneagram One in the workplace, remember that your superpower of spotting flaws and striving for high standards can make a positive impact on your projects and company. While it’s important to stay organized and keep your workspace in order, don’t let your inner critic hold you back from making progress. Embrace your inner rage and use it to stand up for what’s fair and make the world a better place. Believe in yourself and know that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.

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