Type Five

Independent, Curious, Secretive, Perceptive, Intense

The Investigator

Will isolate to keep from depleting all energy or resources. Once regained, will rejoin society.

Highly observant, introspective, and introverted.

Enjoys researching the fun (vacations/events) more than the fun itself.

Fives possess an exceptional ability to understand complex concepts and conduct thorough research. They are knowledgeable, cerebral, and highly observant individuals who strive to be considered experts in their field. They have a remarkable talent for speaking in facts rather than emotions but may sometimes lack motivation.

As they pursue their passions and interests, Fives must remember to prioritize their relationships and commitments by setting boundaries with their research. It is crucial for them to avoid becoming consumed by information to prevent neglecting other important aspects of life. Whenever they feel overwhelmed, they can take a short break and go for a walk to reduce anxiety and regain focus.

Fives make great assets to teams as bosses. They are detail-oriented low-drama, and excellent problem-solvers who hold themselves and others accountable for promises and plans made. While they may prefer working independently, involving them in meetings that require innovative ideas or restructuring can lead to better outcomes. It’s important to call on Fives to share their opinions and ideas to gain valuable insights.

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