Type Eight

Protector, Resourceful, Decisive, Confrontational

The Challenger

Prefers direct communication and does not stand for bullsh*t. Enjoys debates and can stir the pot for fun.

Will support and fight for the underdog. Enjoys when others stand up for themselves and respect them more for it.

Will reject others before being rejected. They will build an emotional wall to protect themselves from feeling pain.

The personality type Eight, also known as The Challenger, is a powerful force for change. Their assertiveness, protectiveness, and confrontational nature have helped shape our communities, schools, politics, and many companies. Eights are justice seekers and world changers with a tenacity that is unmatched. They are driven to gain freedom, not just for themselves but for others as well. 

However, it is important for Eights to be mindful of their behavior towards others. While their strength is a gift, they should be careful not to bulldoze those around them. Everyone has a right to exist in the world, and it is not the responsibility of Eights to squash others to feel safer. 

It is also important for Eights to acknowledge their emotions and allow themselves to feel vulnerable. Finding someone to talk to, such as a counselor, can offer different perspectives and help them achieve more than they ever thought possible. The 24-hour rule can be beneficial for Eights. Allowing themselves 24 hours before confronting someone can save relationships and careers. 

For anyone working with an Eight, it is important to know that they will not allow themselves to be controlled. Micromanagement will not work with Eights. They will hold their superiors accountable and call them out if they think they are not fulfilling their responsibilities. Eights have a lot of energy, and it should be put to good use, but not abused.

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