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The Enneagram (ennea = 9, gram = diagram) is a map for personal growth that identifies the 9 basic ways of relating to and perceiving the world. It accurately describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your Core Motivations. Understanding the Enneagram has the power to give you more self-awareness, for- giveness, and compassion for yourself and others.

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Type 9

Peacemaker, accepting, aloof, adaptive, conflict avoidant, mediator.

Type 4

Individualist, creative, moody, authentic, expressive, sensitive 

Type 3

Achiever, motivator, status-conscious, vein, successful

Type 2

Helper, emotional, restorative, self-sacrificing, indulgent

Type 1

Perfectionist, advocate, idealist, organized, planner, honest

Type 5

Investigator, complex thinker, detached, inventive, curious, emotionally composed 

Type 6

Loyalist, reliable, indecisive, responsible, skeptical, prepared

Type 7

Enthusiast, extroverted, playful, spontaneous

Type 8

Challenger, assertive, self-reliant, protective, dominate

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